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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Comparison of two compensation control strategies for shunt Active Power Filter

The purpose of this paper is to present a harmonic mitigation using a shunt active filter with accurate harmonic current identification and compensation based on instantaneous active and reactive power theory and a self-tuning filter for the harmonic isolation and a fuzzy hysteresis band technique for the current control. In order to find the best strategy for the power quality improvement, a comparative study has been illustrated. The Analysis and simulation results using Matlab/Simulink confirm the effectiveness and limits of the proposed methods and also show the performances of fuzzy logic control which provides flexibility, high precision and fast response.
1.      Active power filter (APF)
2.      Fuzzy logic control
3.      THD
4.      Harmonic
5.      Hysteresis-band control
6.      Power quality



Figure 1. Active Power Filter


Figure 2. Harmonic compensation with p-q theory and fuzzy hysteresis band control

Fig 3.Source current's harmonic spectrum (p-q theory)

Figure 4. Harmonic compensation with STF theory and fuzzy hysteresis band control

Figure 5. Source current's harmonic spectrum (STF)

Figure 6. The DC voltage

In this paper the quality of the energy is improved by using the active filtering. A model of shunt active power filter is illustrate with its control strategy based on the p-q theory concept and a STF using fuzzy logic current control, the developed techniques shown excellent performances in harmonics mitigation and reactive power compensation. The comparative evaluation proved that the STF gives better quality filtering then the conventional p-q theory which is the main objective to be achieved. To confirm the efficiency of this solution and to improve the system response experimental application and others techniques as Neuro-fuzzy control can be developed.
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